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How to get to Mesr Village?

Mesr village is located in the heart of the desert, 60 kms from the small town of Khoor o Biabanak, in Esfahan Province.

You can easily reach Khoor by bus from Yazd and Esfahan, that are the most convenient cities to depart from.

We strongly advise you to book your tickets by calling the bus terminal 24 hrs ahead, through your hotel.
Therefore, you will be informed about a potential schedule change or cancellation.

In order to avoid you the inconvenience caused by some taxi drivers' "warm welcoming" at your arrival in Khoor, we arrange a taxi pick-up for all arrivals by bus. Please tell us from which city you will arrive.

Our trustworthy and faithful taxi driver, Mister Alikhani, will wait for you at Khoor's final bus stop with a Pazirik Ecolodge, Mesr Village sign. If other arrivals match, you will share the car with other people.
Taxi direct, local and fix price is 500 000 IRR for the car, to be paid in IRR directly to the driver.

We take no commission on this service. 
After a 40-minutes drive you will arrive in Mesr village, just on time for diner!


+ Daily bus service at 1.30 PM from Homafar bus terminal. Caution, this is not the main bus station!
Arrival in Khoor around 6.30 PM.
Bookings in farsi (+98) 035 37 24 65 22. 


+ Private transfers, please contact us for prices.

Our  english-speaking driver-guide will come to pick you up at your hotel in Yazd at 8.30 AM.

- Direct journey to Mesr village, around 5 hrs.

- Journey with sightseeing of Kharanaq, Bayazeh and Garmeh, around 8 hrs.
Lunch break on the way.
Please let us know at least 4 days in advance. This journey is also possible from Mesr village.


+ Daily bus service at 1.30 PM from Kaveh bus terminal, operated by Seir o Safar. Arrival in Khoor around  7 PM.

Bookings in farsi (+98) 031 3435 9110. 


+ Daily bus services from Khoor. Depart from the Lodge by taxi 1hour before bus departure.

- Yazd: depart at 7 AM, except Fridays at 12.30 PM

- Esfahan: depart at 2 PM

- Kashan, IKA Airport, Tehran: night buses only, depart at 8h30 PM and 11 PM for comfy VIP options.

Approximately 7 hrs to Kashan, 9 hrs to IKA and 10 hrs to Tehran. 
We book your tickets from Khoor and we arrange a taxi transfer as well.


+ However there is a way to reach Tehran during the day by taking a taxi to Nain (depart 11 AM from the Lodge, 3h30 hrs). From Nain, there is a bus to Tehran at 3 PM, arrival around 9 PM.

+ We can also arrange private cars to Esfahan and Yazd from Mesr. Please contact us.

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