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Desert Tours

When in Mesr, let you drive to some of the best points of view around the desert by an unforgettable 4x4
off-road journey. Depending on the tour you choose, you will go for a ride between 8 and 150 kms through the desert, from 1hr30 to full day trips. This is clearly the best way to observe some very different facets of the desert: giant sand dunes, salt river, rocky desert, oasis, high uplands or even canyons...


Pass onto the pictures to discover the explored places and the corresponding tours.
All tours end for sunset, by the fire. Prices given for one car, up to 4 people, are to be divided among the participants. Therefore, you can choose to make your desert tour private or to share with other guests to split. 

We can also arrange some on-road tours to some of the interesting places to be seen around: the millenary villages of Garmeh and Bayazeh, typical desert villages, the ancient citadel of Jandaq, the endless Salt Lake in Kavir National Park and some other secret spots!

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