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Welcome to Mesr

Welcome to Mesr, remote and authentic desert village in the heart of Dasht-E Kavir, Central Desert of Iran.

Surrounded by sand dunes, Mesr village and Pazirik Ecolodge are the perfect places to take a break from the buzzing Iranian cities and to soak up some desert ambiance. Pazirik Ecolodge is not just another guesthouse, be ready to live a unique experience.

Pazirik is a family-run ecolodge. We accommodate you in 5 private rooms and a charming dormitory, occupying two beautifully restored mud-brick houses. We welcome you in a casual and friendly atmosphere while providing you with a personalized and quality service. 

Choose from our comfy ensuite Classic bedded rooms, ensuite Traditional rooms or cosy Dormitory. And why not spending the night under the stars at the Camp, surrounded by the sand dunes? 

While in Mesr, head for an unforgettable 4X4 off-road tour in the desert, explore the village and its surroundings, go for a bicycle ride in the gardens, try a camel ride if you feel like it, try out some Sandboarding or even give a hand in some farming! 

Why Ecolodge?

We are in our private life and work, truly concerned by minimizing our impact on the nature and the surrounding desert. Dealing with waste recycling, energy saving, local food sourcing and organic farming enables us to accommodate our guests in a responsible and sustainable way.

From the very beginning, the local community is strongly involved in our project as well. We trusted local artisans and craftsmen's traditional skills for restoring the building, handmade wooden furniture and handmade beddings. 

Our food is locally sourced and mostly organic: handmade bread, dairies and eggs from the farm, seasonal veggies and fruits from the garden. 


A French traveller ​and an Iranian handicraft shopkeeper meet in a small village lost in the beautiful Central Desert of Iran. Guess what happened!

A. They married and had many children

B. They married, opened an Ecolodge, 

a Café, a Camp & Tours section, a Handicraft Shop and had one child.







Mesr Village, Khoor o Biabanak County

Esfahan Province, Iran


What's App: +336 83 18 73 37

Calls only: +98 911 911 8556

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